Connected Solutions

Helping Bring Connected IoT Devices to Market Faster

Jabil provides leading design, advanced manufacturing, and connected solutions for smart products that delight consumers worldwide. Partnering with top brands and OEMs in an integrated and collaborative development model, our trusted EMS capabilities help create de-risked scalable solutions, from ideation to delivery, for greater and faster returns on investment.

Competing in the Ever-Expanding IoT

Connected products — from consumer electronics to industrial fixtures — are making up the ever-expanding IoT. Consumers think, act, and buy while actively connected to their friends, family, and work. Production lines have to react in real time to flow anomalies. To compete in the IoT age, designers, regardless of the product, need to consider:

  • Bluetooth, WiFi, and GPS connectivity — cameras feed video to plant operators, printers signal paper and ink outages, and medical devices such as insulin pumps communicate with both patients and providers.
  • Sensor capabilities — smartphone screens dim when held to the ear (proximity) or used in the dark (light), and robotics react and respond to human workers’ presence and commands.
  • Simplicity and style — for consumer devices, intuitive interfaces with seamless reliability are the standard, and a fashionable look-and-feel can be a product’s competitive edge.

Jabil’s Connected Solutions expertise is located throughout the world.